You Pour, I Choose

LinkYou Pour, I Choose


Deconstruct the experience. What are the three acts of this story? What were the teacher moves? How is it different than the same kind of problem in a textbook?


FileTextbook Modeling

Finish the Story

Popcorn Picker

Which acts are missing? What media or information would you need to gather to turn these partial stories into complete math problems?

Proportion / Ratio

LinkDueling Discounts

LinkFinals Week

LinkPrint Job

LinkSugar Packets

LinkSuper Bear


Link25 Billion Apps

LinkPlaying Catch-Up

LinkDomino Skyscraper




LinkBubble Wrap

LinkBurning Man

LinkCar Caravan

LinkCoffee Traveler

LinkFile Cabinet

Secret Skepticism Survey

Whenever I’m sitting in your seat, sitting through some kind of professional development, I often feel a burning, secret skepticism, something that I keep to myself. I’m inviting you here to make that skepticism or question known (anonymously) to the rest of us.

LinkSecret Skepticism Survey

Theories of Engagement

What is the theory of engagement beneath each of these textbook pages?

fileTheory 1

fileTheory 2

fileTheory 3

fileTheory 4

Intellectual Need Rules for the Road

LinkRules for the Road

Break Their Old Tools

Pressure Points

FileSystems of Equations

FileSlope Formula

FileMeasures of Central Tendency


FileFactoring Trinomials

FileAngle Labels

FileScientific Notation

LinkReport Out


LinkThree-Act Math Tasks

LinkVideo Story Problems (Primary Grades)

LinkEstimation 180

LinkGeoff Krall’s Problem-Based Learning Maps